CNC Lathes

CNC Lathe Department

Our Turning Department is versatile, with 8 Eurotech machines with live tooling and 3 Hitachi Super HiCELL mill-turn machines. These machines are able to produce complete parts in a single process. Most are equipped with bar feeders.

Eurotech Multi-Function machine

Eurotech Multi-Function Machine with 2.5" bar capacity

Eurotech Multi-Function Machine

Eurotech Multi-Function Machine with 3" bar capacity

Equipment List

  • 3 Hitachi Seiki Super HiCELL Multifunction Machine, 3" Bar Capacity
  • 8 Eurotech Multifunction Machine, up to 3" Bar Capacity
  • 4 Hitachi Seiki Lathe, 1.7"-2.25" Bar Capacity
  • 1 Yama Seiki Dual Spindle Twin Turret Lathe, 1" Bar Capacity
  • 1 Yang Lathe