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Harken Manufacturing

Harken Manufacturing combines the expertise and production capabilities of an established machine shop with the award-winning quality and innovation of the world's premier sailboat hardware manufacturer.

A wide range of industries rely on Harken to boost their bottom line, including aviation, foundries, medical equipment manufacturers, power generation companies, emergency rescue services, the U.S. military, and custom auto restorers.

Others may make the "concept to completion" claim, but we provide it all—design, manufacturing, finishing—any process you require. Our engineers, expert purchasing staff, skilled machinists, and technicians will take your idea, drawing, or part, and deliver a higher-quality, lower-cost finished product.

We manufacture and machine parts from .250" threaded pins to 34" x 20" x 8" housings, in quantities from prototypes and custom pieces to full production runs. For the foundry industry we are a machine shop partner, providing a finished machined part to the end customer.